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Are your wisdom teeth fully or partially impacted? You may need to have them removed. Dr. Keith Frome has over 20 years of experience performing thousands of wisdom teeth extractions. With our trusted experience and extra care for each and every patient, your wisdom teeth extraction will be as pleasant, convenient, and pain-free as possible.

We do wisdom teeth extraction right in our office!

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When your wisdom teeth are prevented from properly coming through your gums, the best solution may be to have them removed. This prevents them from growing in sideways or partially emerging from the gum, which can lead to a lot of pain. Extraction is often necessary to prevent future problems with your oral health.


Extraction can help

  • Surgery done right in the office

  • Skilled in treating thousands of cases

  • Wisdom teeth extraction teens and adults

  • Over 20 years of experience

  • Reduced pain and anxiety with sedation 


Wisdom teeth extraction

To make the surgery for removing your wisdom teeth convenient and hassle-free, we perform your wisdom teeth extraction right in our office. No need to meet a new surgeon or new team of people. You can take great comfort in knowing you'll be treated and fully attended to by our friendly and dedicated staff.

Your surgery is done right in our office

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